Ramadan Wisdom for Me (As a Mom)

Ramadan Wisdom For Me (As A Mom)

 Ramadan had passed for several weeks, did you feel the time passed so quickly as I feel?  Hari Raya will be soon. How your fasting, so far? I hopefully all goes well.

   As I mentioned in my previous two posts here and here. Fasting month or month of Ramadan for me as a mom is really a challenge. The responsibility during Ramadan was multiply. Especially when I teach and train my children to fasting for the first time. It's not an easy thing. Need extra patience and wise of its own. I'm sure all moms had their own version about this.

Moreover, other responsibility to handle the household, not only for stay at home mom but also for workers mom. Now added to prepare all need for break the fasting or predawn meal and also must be able to organize the expenditure in order to deal with increasingly inflated prices during Ramadan.

Can you imagine? How busy being a mom during Ramadan. Sometimes it's really tested the faith. Mom activities already started since two or three o'clock in the morning, to preparing predawn meal. So no wonder if mom at fasting month might feel exhausting.

Eventhough, there’s can't be a reason for mom to complain. Why? Because the month of fasting has many extraordinary wisdom contained. Moms had to undergo with full sincerity and patience for all the worship. And that is must sincerely only for Allah. if mom can do that Allah will multiply the reward.

Since my kids started the fasting. I feel the wisdom of fasting much better than before. Because it's push me to be a better person, as a mom I had to learn to be a good role model for them.

Every year there is always a change that I felt during the month of Ramadan in between, Ramadan thought me to:

  • Became more discipline. For example before they have not yet fasted, several times I overslept and late for prepare the predawn meal. But once they start fasting. I felt so bad if I overslept. I felt very guilty. Adults may be able to fast without predawn meal. but there's not so with child. As a parent I always encourage them to do the fasting in complete for a month. It won’t happen if I woke up late, right? Even if only for a single night, it's not good if mom wake up late for predawn meal. So effective time management becomes important. To make sure all activity goes well yet still have sufficient rest.
  • Being creative thinking. Especially in terms to arrange the menus, so they'll keep spirit and excited to fasting. By trying new recipes or with a variety menus.
  • Also creative in a such a way, is still something hard to do for skimp the budgets during this moment. As we knew there is always inflated prices at Ramadan and getting more unpredictable near the Hari Raya. But magically! According to this. I believe Ramadan is a month of blessing for sustenance. Because no matter how big the expense there always the funds were also unpredictable come.
  • Makes me more patient and wise to controlling my emotions. The essence of Ramadan is not only resist hungry and thirsty, but also to resist all the temptation. Including impatient and emotions, particularly when to dealing with my children. Make me feel closer with them, school holidays getting more longer, togetherness with families is much better tied, gatherness at break the fasting and predawn meal is something never happen in any other day beside Ramadan.
  • Most impportant of all ramadhan is a right moment to increase my faith level for better relationship with Allah and people around me.

I believe Ramadan is a month that so beautiful and full of blessings, noble and full of wisdom. As a mom I feel a lot of changes over time personally and anything which is related to my child. Instilling the values of fasting to them them actually taught me also to continue to learn and grow. So I wish we all can continue to Ramadan fasting until completion this year. May Allah provides convenience and istiqomah in running every task and activity at Ramadan.

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*In addition: Errors occur not because of your television. I'm feel so sorry if some of you had difficulty to understand my words. Please be advised my deficiency in English. Thank's. *700-1= 699 words


  1. oh aku merasakan jadi mama yang super busy on Ramadhan, wish Allah blessing us ya mbak :-)

    1. Thank you for stopping bye..amiinn

  2. A mother will do anything for her children. She will sacrifice her time and energy to make sure that everybody in her family is well cared.
    Thanks for sharing your experience as a busy and patient mom during Ramadan.

    1. Indeed miss..i still have to much thing to learn..

  3. Tos mba..I have wisdom to be more patient as a mom.
    I also feel time passed quickly. There are happiness and sadness when Ramadhan has gone and Idul Fitri has come.

    1. True..I feel sad also, when ramadan goes by

  4. Well, that the mothers are for...LOL. I like your story. Thanks for sharing your experience in Ramadan this year.


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